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Hey, Mark here.

Thank you for your interest in what we are doing. As Ever focuses on restructured vintage, small quantity pieces and unique one-of-a-kinds. This is a family affair but I will do most of the sourcing, sewing and dying. My wife, Astrid, is the co-creative director for the pieces.

I have a storied history in western wear, dealing vintage, producing commercial advertising, tv & film, design/build and restaurants. The one thing that has always been part of my life is the willingness to break for a great vintage/thrift store, estate/garage sale or have my ankles sticking out of a dumpster.

As Ever came about almost by accident. During a workshop move in late 2013 a mishap resulted in me breaking my arm. In the process I uncovered some long stored vintage clothing projects my wife and I scored on a trip to Minneapolis. With a 1951 singer for Christmas, and limited abilities to work, I produced a pair of pants for my wife. She loved them and as it turns out, so did a lot of her friends. This was fun.

I started exploring dyeing. This opened up a world of possibilities. I have to give credit to Sara Moffat @ldbabrooklyn, and my wife for signing us up for her indigo dyeing class in early 2013.

The final kick in the butt to turn this creative outlet into a business came from Moffat as well. She, owning some of my creations, suggested I show at the Field & Supply. The reaction was much more that I expected.

Hopefully you will enjoy what you find!

What the Editors Say ...

"As Ever epitomizes Hudson Valley style. I own an Indigo jumpsuit and two versions of the tanker pants. All three have made the transition from garden work to the office to book signings and dinner out. I coveted these pieces for years and finally took the plunge. Now I feel like I barely need anything else in my closet."
—Jennifer Solow, publisher Edible Hudson Valley

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