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Our vision at ATINA FOODS is to produce and share holistic food based on traditional knowledge systems using local produce when available. We follow the sacred wisdom of the ancients, that food is medicine and medicine is food.

Started by married team, Carrie and Suresh, in Catskill, New York, our line of Ayurvedic condiments are designed to bring out the best taste and potency of food, helping you to Eat The Food That's Good For You!

At Atina Foods, we adapt traditional South Indian Ayurvedic recipes to make complex, delicious condiments that help balance your health and your diet. Combining global and local whole fruit, roots, and spices, our ferments and preserves accentuate any meal, even dessert!

Great on hors d’oeuvres, with wine and cheese, a hummus plate, on a main dish; veg, grain, meat, stir fry, for picnics, dessert and cocktails! Eat The Food That's Good For You with Atina Foods!

Our condiments are broken up into two categories; Pickles and Preserves (plus a few anomalies).
Our pickles are lacto fermented with salt (no vinegar, no water, no cucumbers), in a typical kerala Indian style called 'Ippolita de' with our energetic spice combinations,
Preserves (including Herbal and Power Jams) are cooked condiments, where we preserve specialized combinations in Jaggery (raw unrefined traditionally used Indian Sugar), these are called Leyham, which translates to Herbal Jams.

Each condiment has a carefully considered beneficial combinations and handcrafted to balance 6 basic tastes classified in Ayurveda as Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent (hot) and Astringent (earthy / fermented), to generate a unique complexity of taste that is as delicious as it is health beneficial!

Food in Ayurveda is meant to generate Agni Deepti (Fire of brilliance) to the Jataragni (Fire inside the stomach), this is the preliminary process of digestion before food is converted into nutrition and energy. The practice of making food, is to bring out the potency of the materials used in the food to give the body and mind a nourishing experience through taste. It is important that food tastes great and is made up of healthy whole (not processed) ingredients, optimizing the nutritious and delicious benefits.

Our recipes are evolved from Suresh's traditional upbringing in Kerala, South India, ancestral home of Ayurvedic health practices and a place where one considers food as medicine eating for health is a practiced custom. Cooking with his family and travel through out the diaspora and beyond have found their way to our new local land of Catskill, New York. Combining produce from the country of origin with local and home grown material, we look for the most health beneficial combinations from there to here, as Ayurveda not only means what we can get far away, but that the restorative elements are in one's present habitat.

We are blessed to be watched over by ATINA, the Corn Goddess of the Mohicans, whose mountain feet we sit at, and are guided in this discovering.

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Fantastic stuff- the garlic scapes in particular...just ordered some more!