C-los Carpentry

We are a team of two who love the process of design and craftsmanship to create beautiful and yet functional pieces out of a variety of woods. Frequently, we work with fine-dining restaurants to create pieces such as trays, bowls, and vases that can be handled during a dinner service, while also serving as an elegant backdrop to whatever the chef has created. But we also love creating pieces for the home. The fact that we work with a lot of fresh wood that we have collected from downed trees means that many of our pieces are entirely sourced locally, while our experience and know-how with furniture and product design means that we can always be working on something different. No two days are ever exactly the same for us, and likewise all of our pieces are unique since no two pieces of wood are ever the same.

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Very well! The bowl is just fabulous.

francesca r about listing Oak Salad Bowl 4 months ago.