Feder Knives

Feder Knives is a custom knife maker located in Peekskill, NY.

We utilize traditional blacksmith techniques combined with elements of modern sculpture to yield unique, one-of-a-kind cutting tools that are crafted with the intention that they are put to every day use.

From Edible Hudson Valley

"Feder’s knives are so craveable that he could easily settle on a single blade design, filework pattern and G10 color combination, then have a factory crank out duplicate knives while he sits at a desk and counts the money. This will never happen, because Feder needs to keep evolving. “I’m a sculptor. I want a piece of this ... and when I say ‘a piece of this,’ I mean I want to make these knives. The day that I sit in a chair and let other people do what I’m doing, I’m hanging it up.”
Edible Hudson Valley, Fall 2017

Business Name: Feder Knives

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