Field Apothecary

Field Apothecary and Herb Farm is a homegrown herb farm situated on three acres in the village of Germantown, NY.

All of our herbs are ecologically grown, harvested, and processed by hand. We believe good food and drink are the best “medicine” and herbs used in daily practice can greatly help to enhance overall health and well-being.

We have created a grassroots health care system for our community. We invite people to have a very hands-on-in the earth experience. By spending time with the plants, others will learn how to incorporate herbs into their daily practice to bring a more balanced lifestyle. We believe herbs are an empowering tool to have on hand in the home. They are useful in promoting good health and preventing disease. Given today’s hectic lifestyle regime, it is valuable to have knowledge on how to use herbal remedies for common seasonal conditions.

We are most happy to have created a space for the ever amazing plants. We look forward to having you on this journey with us!

From Edible Hudson Valley

"With the birth of her children, Dana Eudy rediscovered her interest in spiritual healing. Raised in Texas, she was introduced early by her father to Latino culture’s use of herbs. From this she developed an attraction to botanicas and traditions that bridged the mystical domain. As a mother, she pursued studies in homeopathy, Ayurveda and Western herbalism so she could treat her kids holistically at home.

This desire inspired her to grow herbs in her Gowanus backyard from which she created the tinctures and tonics that eventually led to Field Apothecary.

'I noticed my kids weren’t getting sick even as they were entering school,' she said. She wanted to expand and share her understanding of 'the ability [herbs] have to keep us well and free from disease.'"
Edible Hudson Valley, Summer 2017

What the Editors Say ...

"90% of my medicine cabinet is filled with Field Apothecary. They are the formulas I turn to at the onset of a sore throat or that run-down feeling. Dana makes beautiful, thoughtful and effective products."
—Jennifer Solow, Publisher

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