Information about Doorstep Market

How it works

How Doorstep Market Works

Doorstep Market is an online marketplace where Hudson Valley Makers  "List" the products they produce and anyone can buy them. You can browse the Hudson Valley Makers and their products, filtering by different product categories, including type and location. And then you can buy these products right here on the site, using the secure payment platform, PayPal or Stripe. Your order and payment goes directly to the Maker, who will make, pack and ship your local Hudson Valley product.

Here are some helpful instructions about the platform:

Creating a New Account

Anyone can setup a new account by visiting:

Signing up for an account is required when purchasing a product on this site.

Joining as a Maker

We would love to welcome you to sell your Hudson Valley-made products on the Doorstep Market, and reach a growing audience of shoppers.

All Makers wishing to sell on Doorstep Market should create an account and then email us at with a brief description of you, your business and what you'd like to sell.

Following your request to sell on Doorstep Market, if approved, you will be provided with permissions to list products, connect your PayPal or bank account, and start selling on the site.

How Buying A Product Works

When you purchase a product on this site, you are buying it direct from the Maker. Each Maker has listed their products independently, selecting their price and shipping or pickup options. 

To purchase a product, select the quantity ("Number of Units") you'd like, and your shipping or pickup option (if available) and then press the blue "Buy" button.

You will need an account to purchase a product. See "Creating a New Account" above.

After signing in, confirm you agree to our Terms and Conditions, then press "Proceed With Payment".

Follow the on screen instructions to pay with your PayPal Account, or a debit or credit card.

After you've submitted your payment, your order is sent to the Maker, who will first 'accept' the order. They will then make, pack, and ship your product to you directly.

Doorstep Market does not store, hold or retain any physical products. Order fulfillment is done by the Makers themselves.

How Buying An Alcoholic Product Works

You must be 21 years or older to purchase alcohol through our marketplace.

Certain restrictions on shipping may also apply. Our Makers will confirm these restrictions before a sale is complete.

Alcohol sales are only subject to monthly listing fees. Any other automatically generated transaction fees will be refunded to the seller monthly.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

How Buying A CBD Product Works

Hudson Valley Doorstep Market lists, but does not allow the purchase of CBD products through our website. To purchase a CBD product listed on our site, use the "Contact Maker To Buy" button on the product listing.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

How Buying a Service Works

Service providers like plumbers, accountants, architects, gardeners, etc, can list their service products on Doorstep Market.

Some service products listed with a flat price. Other service products are not priced on Doorstep Market, and you are able to discuss your service needs directly with the service provider.

Service providers are subject to a monthly listing fee.

How Payment Works

We use PayPal as our trusted and secure payment system. All sales completed on Doorstep Market are processed by PayPal or Stripe.

When you submit your order and payment, the funds are sent directly to the maker's payment account - helping support their business!

The Maker is responsible for approving your order, receiving your payment, fulfilling the order, and processing any refunds or returns.

Who Gets Paid What? 

Doorstep Market takes a 5% fee on every sale, or a $1 fee for sales under $20*.

PayPal and Stripe take a 2.9% fee plus a $.30 transaction fee.

After these fees, the Maker keeps over 90% of all the proceeds from every sale.

*Alcohol sales are subject to no percentage commission fee, only a transaction fee.

After Purchasing a Product, What Happens Next?

Your order is sent directly to the Maker. They will 'accept' your order and set to work on making, packing and shipping your product.

Please know that this isn't a next day shipping purchase. When buying on the Doorstep Market, you are working with and supporting a small-scale local Hudson Valley Maker. Most of time, the products are handmade, either to order or in small batches. So please don't expect next day shipping and super fast turnaround times. All our Makers work incredibly hard to produce these carefully crafted items and to fulfill your order as quickly as possible.

I have a question about my order, whom should I contact?

Your first communication should go directly to the Maker from whom you bought your product. You can use the "Contact..." button on the Maker's profile page to send them a message.

If you haven't received any response from the Maker within 48 hours, please send us an e-mail at and we will help resolve the issue.