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At Ironwood Farm we grow NOFA Certified Organic vegetables in partnership with other living organisms.

We are active participants in the stewardship and care of our larger community and ecosystem

Ironwood Farm is a collaborative effort by women-owners Lauren Jones and Aliyah Brandt towards learning about the natural world and caring for people through food. We gain access to these ends through the production of Certified Organic Vegetables and Herbs which we provide for CSAs, Rhinebeck Farmers Market, and close relationships with local food entrepreneurs and restaurants.

Our Mission

Ironwood Farmers see ourselves as active participants in the stewardship and care of our larger ecosystem; we grow food through partnership with other living organisms.

We are interested in learning about effective and healthy ecosystem processes through farming.

We want to care for people through food.

We want to create a workspace that is loving, respectful and fun, where people can be full humans and grow in capacity.

We want to contribute and support to the community of small agriculture-based businesses in the Hudson Valley and see it thrive. We want to support connection to land and farming/food access for young people and folks from all backgrounds.

Holistic Management and Regenerative Farming

We follow Allan Savory's structure of Holistic Management planning. This strategy helps us learn about each of our choices in land and business management as we go forward, seeing what is effective to get us where we want to go.

We are attempting to learn from other experimental farmers about reducing tillage in traditional farming - to reduce soil degradation and capture carbon.

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From Edible Hudson Valley

"The increasingly hip Hudson Valley restaurant scene has also been keen to partner with Ironwood. Currently, the farm sells to Gaskins (in Germantown) and W.M. Farmer and Sons (in Hudson), where the chef has commissioned Ironwood to plant special produce this summer. Gabriele Gulielmetti of Hudson’s Bonfiglio & Bread has also commissioned crops—specifically, chicories from an Italian seed import company. Hudson Food Studio’s Chef David Chicane has been purchasing from Ironwood since its first year. Says Parker, 'He’s been super-supportive. Dave would come out here and bring us lunch. He’s also done crop planting with us.'”
Edible Hudson Valley, Summer 2017

What the Editors Say ...

"WOMEN. WOMEN. WOMEN. Ironwood is a crystal clear expression of chick-power at its peak. Female leadership, girl-muscle, tractor know-how, mothers juggling family, entrepreneurship and the bounty of the harvest - this farm, and the badass women who run it, take my breath away."
—Jennifer Solow, Publisher

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