5 Spoke Creamery Raw Milk Cheese - Maker's Select

Maker's Select - 5 Cheeses @ $50.00 - Total Weight at least 4lbs.

Package Includes:
(1) piece each of Forager, Welsh Cheddar, Harvest Moon, Tumbleweed & Porter.

Note: Forager & Welsh Cheddar are pre-packaged for retail, each piece approx. 6 .5 to 7 ounces.
Harvest Moon, Tumbleweed and Porter will be cut and wrapped for you and will weigh at least 1lb. each.

Harvest Moon: A rich, round raw milk cheese with a moonscape-like outer rind and inside the orange hue of autumnal leaves; a local "homage" to the French cheese called Mimolette with characteristic butterscotch notes that become more pronounced with age.

Tumbleweed: A cross between a young Cantal and aged Cheddar, the semi-hard raw milk cheese shows its true form after 12 months in the cave. It's delicately fruity, with a unique curdy texture. The finish pulls in cheddar-like creaminess and brothy, brown butter aromas.

Porter: A lightly pressed raw milk cheeses with a pleasant, buttery paste. Similar to a Tomme de Savoie, Porter has a golden-ivory interior with an earthy rind.

Forager: A raw milk cheddar with garlic and chives, Forager's delicate tanginess and crumbly texture is likened to an English Cotswold.

Welsh Cheddar: Delectably sweet and nuanced; a smooth, moist, ultra creamery raw milk washed-curd cheese with a distinctive flavor somewhere between a Caerphilly and a young Cantal.


Maker: 5 Spoke Creamery
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