Neversink Spirits

Port Chester, NY

Neversink spirits, the preeminent distillery of New York state, produces world-class brandies and gin made from New York State fruit. Their gin is featured in the house martini of Union Square Cafe, their Apple Brandy and Aperitif appears on the cocktail menu of, among others, the illustrious Nomad hotel.

Neversink's spirits are just damned good and perfect for straight sipping as well as haute couture cocktailing. Pick your poison, this is the good stuff. And we’re not the only ones who are taking notice! Neversink spirits has been featured, in Edible Hudson Valley, The New York Times, Bon Apetit, Vice, Punch Drink and more.

The New York Times: “From Neversink Spirits in Port Chester, N.Y., Local Fruit Brandy”

“It is not an applejack or an aged apple brandy … , but a clear spirit, a fragrant eau de vie that’s ideal for sipping neat after dinner or as a memorably nice note in a mixed drink before.”
—Steve Reddicliffe

Featured in GQ’s “Nine Bottles to Turn Gin Haters into Gin Lovers”

“If you go crazy for freshly picked apples every fall, check out Neversink Spirits.”
—Natalie B. Compton, GQ

Included in Bon Appetit's “8 Regional Spirits We’re Taking Home as Souvenirs”

Featured in Hunky Dory

“...who knew apples and juniper were meant for each other? I’m a big fan of it in a martini: It holds up really well to most vermouths.”
—Claire Sprouse

Vice Magazine “These New Yorkers Want to Make Eau De Vie Cool”

“With their clear apple brandy swooping a gold medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, it appears that so far so good is indeed true for the fledgling distillery.”
—Natalie B. Compton

From Edible Hudson Valley

"In Europe, the tradition of eau de vie is old and obscured by myth. In the 1600s, there was perhaps an Alsatian monk, a still and a bumper crop of cherries. What is factual is that there are almost as many eaux de vies as there are European fruits. On the well-known side, there is slivovitz (Damson plums), kirsch (Morello cherries), Calvados (apple) and Poire William (pear). In Alsace, where the tradition gets exuberantly weird, there is also Mirabelle (yellow plum), sapin (pine buds), gratte-cul (rose hips), myrtille (bilberries) and sorbe (rowanberries). It makes sense; from an agricultural point of view, distilling eau de vie is a no-brainer. Not only does the practice preserve the delicate flavors of quickly rotting crops, but it multiplies value. People pay top dollar for intoxicants.

Neversink is part an overarching entity called The Food Cycle that also includes the highly respected Kent Falls Brewing Company and Camps Road Farm, both in Kent, Connecticut. The businesses were conceived to be interdependent by Braunstein, Rabino and their partners. The distillery and brewery generate spent grain and fruit waste, which becomes animal feed and compost on the farm. The farm grows hops for the brewery, along with obscure varieties of heirloom apples for the distillers’ research. Meanwhile, brandy-and whiskey-infused barrels from the distillery have a second life imparting their flavors to Kent Falls beer.

The Food Cycle businesses support each other in other ways as well. Explains Braunstein, “beer is a shorter-term investment. We can focus on beer at maximum capacity, and then invest that cash flow into the barrel-aged whiskeys and brandies that take longer.” Though he notes that they’ll always be passionate about fruit-based spirits, Neversink will be debuting a New York State straight bourbon in April. It’s made with 100% New York State grain, and, unlike most local whiskeys, contains 20% wheat rather than rye. After two years in American oak, the bourbon is finished in Neversink’s apple brandy casks. Like all of its spirits, Neversink’s whiskey is nuanced and slightly left of the dial."
Edible Hudson Valley, Spring 2018

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