Here to take you to a better place. Treaty CBD formulas are enhanced with plant extracts that thrive together in nature and within the body. Our organic hemp is grown using regenerative farming techniques that maximize carbon capture and restore ecosystems.

From Edible Hudson Valley

"Onchiota Adornetto is the chief science officer at Hudson Hemp. She oversees much of the chemistry on Old Mud Creek Farm, 390 acres with a particularly sordid history. The land had been used by both Ciba-Geigy and Syngenta for agrichemical experimentation. In 2015, Scenic Hudson and the Columbia Land Conservancy partnered with Abby Rockefeller to ensure this property’s permanent availability for agricultural use. Rockefeller’s intention at Old Mud Creek Farm was to restore the land by using regenerative agriculture. With careful soil analysis, resting, and crop rotation, fields at Old Mud Creek Farm are by now so improved that Hudson Hemp’s CBD products are certified organic. Says Adornetto, “One of the reasons that we introduced hemp into our rotation is that hemp is a really good soil remediator. It pulls things out of the ground that you don’t necessarily want there.”Things like heavy metals introduced by pesticides.

Not only is cannabis a bio-accumulator of heavy metals, but, as Adornetto explains, during the process of extracting CBD or THC isolates from cannabis flowers, those metals are removed from the consumable product. This means that, with careful lab practices, hemp can clear land of man-made poisons while simultaneously yielding a safe, highly valuable commodity that farmers can sell."
Edible Hudson Valley, Summer 2019

What the Editors Say ...

"Treaty CBD formulas live up to their promise. They're beautiful, fragrant, even decadent. Pretty enough to hold a permanent position on the bathroom counter, their entire line is effective medicine. I am particularly smitten with Calm, a subtle yet mesmerizing formula for bliss."
—Jennifer Solow, Publisher

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