“ We drink tea to forget the noise of the world.”

I can’t remember a time when I was not in love with tea and teatime. After all, this obsession is part of my ancestral bloodline . My great grandfather was a tea blender and so was his daughter Nooshafarin Saad who was my great aunt and personal muse. I remember as a young girl, spending countless days following my aunt in her vast garden picking flowers , herbs and botanicals , drying them in the hot afternoon sun and brewing teas and learning about their healing properties. Fast forward to decades later when I founded Tay Tea in 2003 and started my journey of blending my own unique artisan teas, setting up a tea shop and atelier and exploring plant medicine as I deepened my knowledge of herbs and the vast offerings of Mother Nature.

I feel so fortunate that I wake up every morning with this passion in my heart. I hope to serve people near and far and share with them the simple joy, the sheer beauty and the healthy path of tea .

What the Editors Say...

"I was introduced to Tay Tea, as many are, with Nini Ordoubadi's legendary 'Better Than Sex' tea. Let's just say that 100 tins of Tay Tea later, I am a diehard Nini-fan as well as a friend. As far as judging a tea by its...ahem...title, you be the judge ;-) ;-)."
—Jennifer Solow, Publisher Edible Hudson Valley

Business Name: TAY TEA
Website: www.taytea.com

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