Ulli's Oil Mill

Locally grown organic seed oils (finishing and beauty oils) and plant based proteins. We make Pumpkin oil, hemp oil, camelina oil, raps oil and chili sunflower oil. The leftover presscake is your plant based protein, full of flavor and nutrients. Delicious in your smoothies, cereal, gluten-free savory and sweet baking.
Ulli's Hemp Oil won the Good Food Awards 2019. Ulli was featured in the NYT twice and is approved by Michelin star chefs.

Hippocrates: " Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food."

Ulli came to America in 2011 from Austria. After becoming a mum and living around Union Square Farmers Market, I immediately missed the rich Austrian tradition of local, cold pressed oils with which I was raised. I longed for eating simply with just a few seasonal, local ingredients. I wanted to give my two daughters a similar childhood; one that is exposed to nature and with delicious, healthy food.

This is what inspired me to create Ulli’s Oil Mill. Channeling my lifelong inspiration to do something meaningful, I decided that Ulli’s Oil Mill would not only provide delicious Austrian style, cold-pressed oils. It would also help create an oil-seed culture connecting local farms to local markets.

Thus began my journey to meet farmers in upstate New York who shared my vision and would produce the rare variety and quality of seeds long enjoyed in Austrian homes. My Oils are the realization of this dream and the fulfillment of the values shared by my family, our Austrian culture, our local farmers and now… you! Enjoy!

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