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At West Robins we produce the highest-quality shellfish we can in the most sustainable ways possible to us. We started our business in 2016 to craft a unique New York oyster that has ended up on the raw bars of some of the best restaurants in New York City and across the country.

We are now offering our products "live & direct" from the bay to your doorstep for the first time in our short history.

We harvest your oysters to order, pack them immediately in insulated boxes and ship to your door via FedEx within hours of harvest. You'll almost be able to smell the salt breeze of the Great Peconic Bay.

Learn more about us at www.westrobins.com or on Instagram @westrobins

Happy Slurping!

What the Editors Say ...

"We are eating a ton of oysters nowadays—raw with a splash of mignonette or popped and roasted over wood with a dab of herb butter. And why not? Oysters are high in zinc and iron, and low in fat—and we can all use a bit of happiness these days."
—Julia Sexton, Editor-in-Chief

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Oysters arrived quickly and were extremely fresh. Will was great with communications. Those who partook in the eating of the oysters commented on how fresh and delicious they were. Thank you West Robins!

Amazingly delicious...great service, can't wait to order more!

Lori R about listing 24 West Robins Oysters (Small & Medium) 3 months ago.