Shrub Combo Pack

Shrubs are concentrates made from a combination of fruit, sugar, vinegar, and herbs. Sweet and tart, the vinegar and sugar balance and temper each other to make an astonishingly good mixer! This combo pack gives you all three regular 250ml size shrubs at a discount price.

Blackberry Lavender is hands-down the customer favorite. Served in numerous bars and restaurants, distilleries, and at the best backyard parties, it is the most versatile mixer we make. It is fabulous in a seltzer or lemonade, makes a delicious addition to Prosecco or a white wine spritzer, or can be a component in the best gin and tonic you’ve ever made.

Strawberry Basil is summer in a glass; mixed in daiquiris or margaritas, drizzled over ice cream or pancakes, incorporated into buttercream frosting and slathered on cupcakes, made into the best balsamic vinaigrette.... you get the picture.

Raspberry Tulsi Rose joined the line up last summer and has been a hit at tastings. Less sweet, with a crips forward raspberry taste and a fragrant tulsi rose finish. We love this in champagne or Prosecco, but there are so many different ways to use this flavor.

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Public discussion (2)

Victoria D

6 days ago

Can you buy just one to try it or maybe more than one in the same flavor?


Weather Top Farm

5 days ago

HI Victoria, yes you can buy multiples of one flavor or any combination you want. Just message me when you buy it. Single bottles are a little more expensive, we put a special price on this as a 'bundle' so it is more cost effective to get the three pack. Keep your eye out for the single listing too if that is what you'd like!

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