Artisanal Almond Milk + Cashew Milk Bundle

Artisanal Nut Milks
Small batch and handcrafted using organic and local ingredients.

We are committed to the idea that wellness begins and ends with whole ingredients and the desire to enrich the lives of those who drink our natural milks.

Our Nut Milk is 40% nuts. Separation is a natural process when there are no additives, preservatives or stabilizers. Just pure Almond and Cashew Milk.

Each varietal is carefully hand crafted with the freshest ingredients to bring out the most flavorful and beneficial essence of its kind! So give up the guilt and indulge in the nourishment of you.


Cashew Milk
Pure; Pure with Collagen; Honey and Vanilla Bean; Carob Date and Maple

Almond Milk
Pure; Flaxseed and Coconut Nectar; Honey and Vanilla Bean; Carob Date and Maple

Mix and match in bundle

Maker: Edenesque
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