Nonneta's Keramika by Nonna Hall

Pottery is a wonderful passion in my life that I discovered not that many years ago.

The thing that is most magical to me is the fact that I am able to use the same techniques that have been used for the last few thousand years. Technology has come a long way in pottery, but you still have to be able to create with your own imagination and your own hands.

Originally from Russia, I moved to the United States in 2002 and ended up settling down in Brooklyn for 10 years until my husband and I decided to move upstate to the magnificent Catskills.

My connection with clay has been fed almost every day with inspiration and the desire to learn something new, so I’m gladly using it to create my own style.

The process of making something out of nothing is truly magnificent, and to see how something unique that I made will make me or someone else who owns it happy is a priceless gift.

I enjoy making decorative pieces, but I also love for them to be functional at the same time. My decorative wall sconces might hold flowers, plants, or whatever you can play with. If I make a pitcher or teapot, I love for it to fit in any part of the house and to complement any room, not just the kitchen.

Above all else, however, I love to think that my work illuminates somebody’s life. To me, this is the most important reason for creating something new.

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